5 May 2016

Spring 2016 – Current Availabilities

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Current Availabilities

  • Currently we have one 660 sq ft 1-bedroom apartment available at $2645 for a one person receiving the standard service package (see below). Add $450 for a second person on the basic care plan.
  • We expect additional rooms to become available in a few months.
  • Please review our waiting list policy below.

Join Our Guaranteed Waiting List
For a small deposit ($200-$400 deductible from your first month’s fees) you can join our guaranteed waiting list. Every time a room becomes available, we call those on the guaranteed waiting list in order. You can specify to call only for particular room types. If you decline the room offered, you still maintain your position on the list. Your deposit is refundable if we cannot offer you a room when your need becomes urgent or if you advance to a higher level of care. See “Accommodations Tab” for room choices. See “Detailed Information” Tab for prices. Currently 2 people are on the list – one for an apartment, one for a small single.

Standard Service Package
All prices are based on the standard package of services which includes rent (with parking and cablevision service), 3 meals and snacks, daily and weekly housekeeping, personal laundry service, activities and the basic nursing care plan. The basic nursing care plan includes 24-hr. emergency response, temporary illness care, medication ordering, and consultation with our Director of Care and visiting physician.

Call now to 613-837-7467 or email info@blackburnlodge.com for more information!

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